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Google Earth 5 gives non-profits new tools!

posted Feb 1, 2009, 9:21 PM by Earth Outreach   [ updated Feb 9, 2009, 8:06 PM ]

The Earth has changed overnight, and it's now even easier for non-profit organizations to reach out to their volunteers, donors, and the general public.  The latest release of Google Earth 5 includes many new features which will revolutionize the way you reach out to the world and tell your story.

View change with Historical Imagery!

You asked, and we heard you
You can now view historical imagery in Google Earth, including all the previously-viewed archived imagery and new historical imagery, right in Google Earth. Use the 'Historical Imagery mode' by either going to the Tools menu > Historical Imagery, or by clicking on the 'View Historical Imagery' button in the toolbar: 

Tell your story
Tell your story using imagery appropriate to the year during which an event occurred.

Share your imagery
Do you have high resolution satellite imagery or aerial photographs you'd like to share with your community, local governments and the general public? Learn more about our Imagery Partner Program.

Case study
The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has been using historical satellite imagery for their Atlas of Our Changing Environment for years - now you can access the same historical imagery right in Google Earth!  With today's launch, you can view their historical imagery for five locations!  Imagery for all locations is planned for the near future.

 Open Aral Sea tour in Google Earth 5 *  Open Shenzhen, China tour in Google Earth 5 *  Open Lake Chad tour in Google Earth 5 *
* Make sure you have downloaded and installed Google Earth 5, and that your computer's speakers are on and the volume is up!

Tutorial: Learn how to start using historical imagery!

Created a Narrated Guided Tour easily!

Give your cause a voice
Now with the ability to record and narrate your tour, you can give your cause a voice!  Create a simple tour or a complete cinematic experience, and everything in between.  With a single click, Google Earth users can sit back, relax, and learn about your cause.

Record your tour
With touring, you can record fly-overs, balloon pops, and audio narration. Then you can save your tour as part of your KML file, and link to it from your website.

Case study
Appalachian Voices has garnered the support of 135 Congressional cosponsors to help end mountaintop removal for coal mining in Appalachia with the help of Google Earth and Google Maps. Click on the link below to take a narrated tour of the Hobet Mine complex in Google Earth, created with the new KML touring tools.

 Open Appalachian Voices' narrated tour in Google Earth
* Make sure your computer's speakers are on and the volume is up!

Tutorial: Learn how to start creating tours!

View the Oceans in Google Earth 5!

You can now dive into the oceans with Google Earth 5. View higher resolution ocean floor bathymetry, view highlights like ARKive's Endangered Ocean Species and Marine Protected Areas, and scientific data from the Census for Marine Life and other projects. View the video at the right to see more!

Explore more Ocean content in the Layers panel in Google Earth. Zoom in to a place you're interested in to discover new things about our underwater world.

Don't just take our word for it... download Google Earth 5 and try it out for yourself!

See a video of all new features in Google Earth 5!

Get to know Google Earth 5!

Google Earth 5 - Historical Imagery Feature

Google Earth 5 - Touring Feature

Google Earth 5 - Ocean

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